\There is nothing quite like a long, hot shower at the end of a hard day. We've got the cleanest program around. Every shower is sanitized before every use and includes a freshly laundered, body towel, a wash cloth and soap.

Members of UltraONE Expediter get a free shower with the cumulative purchase of 50 gallons of diesel or gas in a five consecutive day period. (Team drivers each get a shower at the same site, during the same visit).

Members can reserve a shower at the UltraONE kiosk  just by swiping your card. The kiosk assigns you a number and, when your number is called, you can swipe your card again through the new card locks on the shower doors. Your card automatically stores a maximum of 10 showers (which expire in three days after fueling).

UltraONE Expediter members don't have to stand in lines anymore to get showers. All you need is your membership card and enough showers in your account.