Interstate Speedzone WiFi

Interstate SpeedZone is TA's network of WiFi Hotspot locations offering high-speed wireless internet access. This service is now available at all TA and Petro locations.

For questions or help with Interstate Speedzone WiFi while at a TA or Petro location, please contact:

Interstate SpeedZone Customer Service

Toll-free 1-877-838-1926


Getting Started

If your notebook computer or PDA is not "wireless ready," you will need to purchase a wireless PC card or wireless USB adapter. These devices send and receive data and connect to the wireless access points that are installed at each Interstate SpeedZone location. The wireless PC card, optional antenna, and USB adapters are available at most TA Travel Stores.


Creating an Interstate Speedzone Account

Once you connect to the Interstate SpeedZone (Wireless Network ID: INTERSTATE), our login page will appear.

Select your payment option:

  • • UltraONE® Points 
  • • Credit Card
  • • Prepaid Card

Then, select the amount of time you would like to buy. Enter in your personal Interstate SpeedZone username and password.


Redeem Your UltraONE® Points to Access the Internet!

Once you connect to the Interstate SpeedZone (Wireless Network ID: INTERSTATE), our login page will appear. To redeem your UltraONE Points, select the UltraONE option and follow the instructions.

Plan Price UltraONE Points
60 minutes $1.99 199

24 hours

$4.79 479
1 month $19.99 1,999
1 year $149.99 14,999
Subscription times are continuous from time of first log-in. For example, if you purchased a 24-hour plan and logged in at 7 p.m., your access will end at 7 p.m. the next day. Visit a TA site for more information.


How to Connect to the Internet

While at a TA location, launch your wireless card software and go to the Site Survey mode. The available wireless networks will be displayed. Our wireless network SSID is INTERSTATE. Highlight INTERSTATE and hit connect. Then, launch your web browser and the Interstate SpeedZone login page should appear. If your wireless card doesn't have a Site Survey mode, then change the SSID (service set identifier) to INTERSTATE.


Frequently Asked Questions About Interstate Speedzone WiFi

How can I pay for Interstate SpeedZonesm?
When you get to the Interstate SpeedZone login page you can choose to pay online with a credit card, prepaid card, or redeem your UltraONE Points. Prepaid cards are available at the TA Travel Store for daily, monthly and annual subscriptions!

Which TAs have wireless internet?
All TA and Petro full-service travel centers have Interstate Speedzone. Your account will work at any Interstate SpeedZone WiFi Hotspot, using your selected username and password.

Can I send and receive e-mail?
Yes. Interstate SpeedZone will allow you to send and receive email using any existing email account.

Can I establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to my office?
Yes. TA SpeedZone will support VPN connections.

Where can I get the best signal?
The Interstate SpeedZone signal should be available throughout the building and parking lot. For best results try to have a clear view of the roof top antennas. We have also installed antennas in most of our restaurants so the signal strength in the restaurant seating areas should be excellent.

How do I know how much time is left on my subscription?
After you login to Interstate SpeedZone by entering your username and password, a window will pop up to tell you how much time is left.

I've connected to the TA wireless network, but when I launch my browser I get the "Page cannot be displayed" message.
This sometimes happens when your notebook has not been assigned a temporary IP address. Sending a new request to the access point can sometimes fix this. Browse to any web site, and click enter. The Interstate SpeedZone login page should then appear.

How do I contact Interstate SpeedZone customer service?
Call toll-free 1-877-838-1926.