Information for Current and Potential Suppliers

This section of the TravelCenters of America web site is provided for the benefit of suppliers who have a product or service to present to TA/Petro and also for current suppliers who will be shipping their product into the TA/Petro Open Road Distributing (ORD) distribution centers.

TravelCenters of America distributes resale and non-resale items, including food, to its facilities in the following ways:

  • -Through its Open Road Distributing (ORD) distribution centers located in Nashville, Tennessee and Phoenix, Arizona.
  • -Direct shipment from supplier or distributor via UPS, RPS, common carrier or other package delivery service
  • -Via distributor's delivery network.

If your resale or non-resale items are selected for use in TA/Petro facilities, one of our project managers or procurement managers will work with your shipping manager to determine the most effective and efficient method to deliver to TA and Petro locations.